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Welcome to American Medical Community Foundation, Inc.

The American Medical Community Foundation, Inc. is a charitable organization that was founded in December 2004 for the purpose of restoring and rejuvenating the Mon Valley Community, building the morale of the youth in these communities, and raising money to assist the less fortunate of Southwestern Pennsylvania. For more information click here.

Giant Pumpkin Patch

The Giant Pumpkin Patch started out as a vacant plot of land in the city of Monessen. The founder of the American Medical Community Foundation purchased the land to grow his Giant Pumpkins. Now the grounds have been turned into a beautiful park. Most of the events hosted by the American Medical Community Foundation are held at the Giant Pumpkin Patch. For more information about our events click here.


July 13, 2013 3rd Annual Celebrate America Festival at the Herman Mihalich River Launch in Monessen, PA.  Featuring: Dallas Marks Band, Professional Wrestling Matches, Mon Valley Battle of the Barrels, Star Wars Themed Entertainment, Fireworks and Much More!  Click Here for more information.


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